The Seven Major Chakras

Life is energy. We are energy. It sounds like I’m trying to convince myself but really, I just want my fair share. Chakras are our personal storehouses and transmitters of this energy.  The word chakra is from the Indo-European language, Sanskrit, and means “circle or wheel of light”.  Universal energy flows from the earth through our chakras (our transmitters) from the root chakra, and out through our upper chakras.  Much like the process of photosynthesis, whereby the plant absorbs the energy from the sun, feeding the roots, with the energy moving back up the plant, resulting in growth – often in the form of beautiful flowers!

Each chakra is associated with a color, sound vibration (hertz, scale notes):

Chakra                                  Color                 Musical Note                 Hertz

Root                                         Red                                C                                  252 cps (cycles per second)

Sacral                                     Orange                          D                                 283 cps

Solar Plexus                          Yellow                           E                                 322 cps

Heart                                      Green                             F                                 348 cps

Throat                                    Blue                                G                                 376 cps

Brow (Third Eye)                Indigo                            A                                 452 cps

Crown                                    Violet                             B                                  480 cps

Apparently I'm spending too much time with my head in the upper chakras!

My tattoo - Sanskrit symbol for the 5th chakra - Communication (inked January 2008)

In some yoga disciplines, they link the seven major chakras to a cycle of seven year time periods. Starting at your birth which corresponds with the root chakra and working forward completing the cycle at 49 years of age with the crown chakra.  The cycle then begins again with a higher plateau of enlightenment:

The following Biopulsar images and analysis were taken 5 years apart: the 1st in 2006 and the second in 2011.

The Root Chakra

Roots - Taken on Tree Island, just off the shores between Courtney and Fanny Bay, B.C. 2011.

If you look back at the 2nd Biopulsar image/analysis, my root chakra at the time the information was gathered, was functioning at 27%, when it should be functioning between 45% and 65%. UNDERACTIVE!  Okay – so what now?! The woman who provided the analysis for me, provided me with some great suggestions for activating my root chakra.  This, combined with information that I drew from my books and from various web sites, provided me with an arsenal for kick-starting my root energy center!  Now let me just mention, that I have always approached life with a healthy dose of skepticism.  The introduction of chakra’s into my belief system was no different.  I would estimate that for the past, roughly 16 years or so, I have gradually put more weight into the whole idea, as my personal experiences and investigations have allowed me to let go of doubt and see the reality that we are largely beings of energy and light.  That being said, this is not the 1st time in the last few years, that I have been told that my root chakra is not functioning at full capacity.  I had the pleasure of having a session with a woman who performs reiki in combination with the use of crystal bowls (sound massage).  I will go more into that topic later.   She told me during our session, that I had very little energy working around my root area.  I can honestly say that I was not surprised then, nor more recently, that this was so.  In order for myself to better understand why, other than intuitively, that this was a common occurrence for me, this time I dug my heels in to investigate the why’s, what’s and how I could change it and amp that root!

Learn to love your root…

A Crimson Cleanse…

Soak in the red...♡


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  1. Verrrrrrrrrry fascinating! As a matter of fact, when my power was out, I was forced to pick up a book (or 6). I have been studying the images and comparing them to things I know to be true and things I am just learning. Been gettin’ some AHA! moments…as well as some WTF? moments too. Will keep you posted. p.s. I have already enrolled you in “Guinea Pigs And Why I Love Them” volunteers list. Thank you! eeeeeee! xo♡


    • HI Michele…This may seem odd to you but here goes.Can you help me with this Chakra thing.I am feeling steered in this direction and your energy seemed right.To be honest I’ve been spiritually stuck for some time or maybe it’s just been the calm before the storm either way I felt the need to reach out and ask for some assistance or guidance .I have never done my Chakra’s and to be honest know nothing about doing them.


      • Hi Gary! I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to start a response to your inquiry. I think the best way to open this conversation is to say that the chakra system is our bioenergetic system, akin to our nervous system, circulatory system and our musculoskeletal system. We have auras and subtle energies that surround our physical bodies – electromagnetic fields. There are some great books on Chakras. One of the first books that I picked up was “Chakras for Beginners” by David Pond. You could purchase it on Amazon for a good price. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, that’s a great beginning! The bio-pulsar readings I had done were done on a machine that gives readings on your energy. Depending on where you live (B.C. lower mainland !?) I can supply you with a link to see about having a reading done. Learning about chakras, how they work is a journey, indeed. Congratulations on taking the first step!


  2. Thanks for helping me understand more of how the chakra’s work … I’ve had Raki sessions a few times in recent past and am eager to learn more … having the right intent has been a struggle for me but I’m finding myself becoming more in tune with my needs vs. my wants and not letting my head get in the way.


    • Wow! I kinda shelved this blog due to fragmentation of mind – it’s a vast topic and the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know! I may have to blow the dust off the writings and reroute this one. Your timing is very interesting, as I am being drawn to this subject once again. Each time I come back to these teachings, it seems there is less of a gap between educating myself and practicing the discipline and busying myself with other things. I know the struggle Dave. I’m anticipating the day when I will just allow myself to become what I know intuitively that I am. A complete freak. Albeit, a well balanced one. ;} ♡


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